Design and Planning Documentation

Design and Planning Documentation

This section provides links to the key design and planning documentation for the development of the DIT New City Centre Campus - Grangegorman Project. 

Grangegorman SDZ Planning Scheme 2012

‌  This the primary statutory planning document for the delivery of the entire Grangegorman Development Project. It sets out in detail the criteria with which the GDA must comply in applying for full planning permission for progressing each element of the site. It defines the building plots and the max/min heights of each building as well as setting out the criteria for the development of the public realm for the entire site.


Grangegorman Strategic Plan 2011

GG-strategic-plan-cover‌  This is a statutory document that was produced in accordance with the requirements of the Grangegorman Development Agency Act 2005. Subsequently adopted by the GDA, it gives overall guidance for the development and delivery of the overall project.


‌Grangegorman Masterplan June 08

 GG-masterplan-08 This document provides a detailed vision of how the site may be developed giving considerable guidance on site layout and finishes. It also gives details of how individual buildings may be developed bearing in mind that these structures will be subject to full comprehensive building design as the project progresses..


Several other documents relevant to the design, planning and monitoring of progress on the project can be found on the publications section of the GDA website (link here).



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