Kevin Rooney visualising Grangegorman campus

Kevin Rooney hoarding02

Students of Visual Communications were given the challenge of visualising the Grangegorman campus as a project this year, and there were many different responses, from maps of the area to video interpretations of the move, to proposals for signage.  Among some very brilliant proposals, Kevin Rooney (3rd Year, Visual Communications) came up with a design for 50 metres of temporary hoarding that will run through the site while the new research and incubation building is under construction.  Kevin’s illustration depicts various DIT characters, both students and members of staff.  The design will soon be transposed on to a section of the hoarding, putting a student’s stamp on the new site.

Kevin Rooney hoarding01

As many of the first students to locate to the Grangegorman campus will be studying visual arts, including photography, there will be lots of opportunities to feature their work on campus!

Kevin Rooney hoarding03

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