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Welcome to the Erasmus information section of the DIT website. This section is for students who wish to come to DIT for a semester or full year.

Applying for Erasmus or Exchange at DIT

In order to come to DIT as an Erasmus/Exchange student, your home university must have an Erasmus Inter-Institutional Agreement with DIT for the subject area you wish to study while here.

DIT does not accept Free Movers (i.e. students who wish to come to DIT for one or two semesters but whose home universities do not have a bilateral agreement with DIT).

Students who wish to apply for a whole programme/ or entry to complete your degree should contact

Assuming a partner agreement is in place, you must then be nominated by your home university - your International Office will send an email to to confirm that you have been selected to come to the DIT. You will then receive an email from the Exchange Section to explain how to apply and what documents you need. This information can also be found below: 

Please Click here to start the application:  apply-now.gif‌ ‌‌

  1. Closing Date for receipt of the single signed softcopy (PDF file only) Applications for Semester 1 & Full Year - 2018/2019: 20 April 2018
  2. Closing Date for receipt of the single softcopy ( PDF file only) Applications for Semester 2 -2018/19: Friday 2 Nov 2018
  3. Please read the ‘procedure’ information carefully.
  4. You will first have to create a username and password. Please use an email address you check often.
  5. Then you may proceed to fill out the application form. You will be asked for personal details, information about your current studies, when you wish to study at DIT etc. Please make sure to fill in all the required information carefully.
  6. When your application has been filled in, you may then submit it electronically to DIT. You will then be able to download your application in a PDF file. Please sign this and also have it signed by your home Erasmus/Exchange coordinator.
  7. Your application & any other supporting documentation required should then be scanned into ONE PDF document. Please name the file with your FIRSTNAME. LASTNAME. i.e: JOE.BLOGGS
  8. Once the above is complete you can share the single PDF file through dropbox to or just send the file there. Please note your online application will not be imported and reviewed until we receive the signed soft copy PDF application.
  9. With your application form, please send your Transcript of Records from the last year of your studies (this is the document that lists the subjects you studied in the last year and the results you obtained). If you are a student of the Dublin School of Creative Arts or of the School of Architecture, please also send a your portfolio to us either by post or through dropbox to the following address: Contact the Exchange Office.
  10. Once you submit your soft copy application form, you will be contacted to confirm receipt of your application form. Two to three weeks after the application deadline, you will be informed if you have been accepted. The Exchange Section will then send you a ‘Letter of Acceptance’ via email and an ‘Erasmus Information Pack’ and will keep in contact with you by email prior to your arrival in Dublin.


Queries on Applications

For an explanation of information required in the application form please see Incoming Application form - Explanation

Please send any further queries to the Exchange Section of the International Office at DIT. Email:  





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