St. Laurence's

Booking St. Laurence's

If you wish to Book St. Laurence's for an event please complete th‌e booking form set out below.  ‌‌‌

We will email you a Booking Reference Number when your booking has been confirmed.  A copy of the booking details will be forwarded to to make preparations for your required room layout, and to arrange for any catering facilities requested.

If your booking requires a more customised room layout please contact who will be able to disccuss your requirements and advise you of the options available to you.

To ensure that your event can be facilitated, please submit your booking form, or any amendments to previous bookings, no later than five working days prior to your event.  Please note that no additions or adjustments can be made to the space after those five days.

The chaplaincy reserves the right to override the use of the building by any body in the event of a need that arises among staff or students that necessitates the use of St. Laurence's.  On such occasions the Chaplaincy will endeavour to arrange alternative facilities for your group.  Your Club/Society will be informed at our earliest convenience if these circumstances arise.

If you have any queries, please contact Suzanne Greene on 01 402 4112 or email:


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