Quiet Space


Find your I-space for reflection or prayer …


What is an ispace?

An ispace is an area within DIT that is designated as a quiet room for staff and students that can be used for prayer, reflection and meditation. 


Where can I find an ispace?

There are designated ispace within DIT:


Bolton Street                   Room  143

Grangegorman                 St. Laurence’s Back Room

Cathal Brugha Street        Room

Kevin Street                     Room

Aungier Street                  Room 4040

Mountjoy Square              Room


Please feel free to use the ispace.  


All we ask is that you follow these guidelines … 

  • Please contribute to the atmosphere in ispace by refraining from talking.

  • ispace is open during college hours and will close thirty minutes before the college closes (9.30pm Mon –Thurs and 5.30 on other college days and during holidays).  The only literature and items permitted in ispace are items that are core to the worship of those who use the room. We ask you to bring whatever items you require whenever you use the room unless lockers are provided.  These items are to be placed in the lockers when not in use. All other literature and items will be removed.

  • Those who use ispace are asked to promote tolerance between people of all beliefs.

  • If any issues arises regarding the use of the room please inform the college chaplain or the Student’s Union Office.

  • Please return all items (including chairs) to their designated place when you leave the room.

  • ispace is a facility provided for students and staff of DIT only. You may be asked to present a valid student or staff card at any time.

  • Under no circumstances is the door to be locked from the inside.


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