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The Chaplaincy Service will be opening up registration for the Irish Dancing Evening soon and we will email anyone who has registered on our website for the weeky updates.  So if you haven't signed up yet, please do, just click on the link below ...

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Our Light lunches for international and erasmus students have been a chance to get to know each other and find out what events are coming up in each campus and what's on in Dublin.

We will be adding more campus lunches as soon as we have them confirmed so keep popping back to see if your campus lunch has been added.




‌Irish Dancing Evening

Have great fun at our Irish Dancing evening with Internationally renowned Seán Nós dance teacher, Mairead Casey. Mairead has taught in Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, the United States and Germany, and will provide expert tuition for those of you who’d like to learn some Irish Dancing steps.

Dance to traditional Irish music played by some of Ireland's finest traditional musicians.  You will learn a few steps that will help you to be able to take part in Irish Cultural events for many years to come. Light refreshments will be provided.  Register Here for Irish Dancing




Walking Tour and Visit to Music Venues

Get to know the local area around your campus. Chaplains will take you on a walking tour of the local area introducing you to all the local facilities and best places to go during your stay in Dublin.







Glendalough Trip

Glendalough is an amazing place. It is a monastic city since the 6th century. Many travel to Glendalough for the sheer beauty of the place. On this trip you will not only experience the beauty (weather permitting) but we will introduce you to the spirit of Glendalough through the lens of its monastic history and its deep roots in the Celtic world, and open your eyes and minds to the wonder of this very special place.

You can enjoy more of the breathtaking mountain scenery as we take the 'scenic route' back to Dublin through the Wicklow National Park (weather permitting).

Register Here for the Glendalough Trip




Weekly Email with information on things to do or places to go in Dublin

We will keep you updated on events happening around Dublin and around the country that you might enjoy taking part in if you sign up for them on our website International Students Registration for Events and Updates.



Delving Deeper‌

The Chaplaincy Service welcomes each and everyone of you to Dublin. We arrange these events because we believe in the Christian duty of hospitality which has proven to be a great joy for us. The aim of these events is to make you feel welcome during your time here while getting to know one another. While these events are helpful many of you may want extra support from the chaplaincy. If you are interested in finding out where your local place of worship is please feel free to contact me and I will advise. If any of you are specifically interested in exploring some aspects of our Christian heritage please email me and we will meet to look at issues likes Irish Monasticism, the role of Churches in the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, caring for the homeless as well as recommending you to places of worship that you can deepen your involvement with during your time here. My email is




The Chaplaincy team will be organising more events this semester so whether you are a new student to DIT or a returning student, we encourage you to keep an eye out for upcoming events here, and on Facebook and Twitter.


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